Sunday, 19 October 2008

Apple Day

I've never been to an apple day event before and I was curious about what happens at one. They seem to have apple days all over the place these days in the East of England. We went to one in Tring and we met up with the cousins at the same time - so it was three boys running around an orchard and attempting to eat rotting windfalls. Boys eh?

They did love the demonstration of apple mashing and pressing and tasting the lovely juice that was produced.

It was a good shopping opportunity for me as I bought a jar of apple chutney and some wooden wine cases - I think I saw Alys Fowler using these for planting salad veg in her own quirky cutesy way

John bought some cox's orange pippin and blenhim orange variety of apples.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

A dream allotment day

When we got an allotment in my minds eye I saw how it would be - all happy grafting. We would become a beautiful cheerful gardening family heading to the allotment at weekends producing bountiful veg and of course the sun always shining. Each one of us would become attuned with nature and the great outdoors.

It could never be a drag.

I would never be seen shouting loudly when at the patch. There would be no need to constantly tell Owen "stop it". He would never be bored but entertained by all the possible jobs he could do. My baby would be gurgling happily not wailing when he found himself at the patch. Oh yes and John would not try to forget we need to visit the patch, but skip there happily, knowing exactly what needed to be done.

Then today happened.

The weather looked pants so my hopes of going to the allotment were small. Owen had a birthday party to attend in the middle of the day so when we got back I nearly fell over when John suggested we go. It was trying to rain but we thought to persevere and the wind was whipping across the town so not too promising. Huw did not murmur as we arrived at the site and sat in the pushchair happily and yes he was awake (although I'm thinking to blame the drugs he is taking - antibiotics - as he has been unwell on and off since I returned to work. I must look up the sedation effects of Augmentin as that's all that's different about his routine at the moment!) At the plot Owen immediately got stuff out of the storage box to do. Have I walked into a parallel universe?

At the plot next door our neighbours were at work with their young son, I've not seen them for many months. They were struggling to entertain him. Dangerously I suggested to Owen to get his Tonka truck out and go and play with him. To be a kind bigger boy. Knock me down with a feather. My son put his angel hat on and did exactly this and they played happily together until we left for home. Huw continued to be chilled and watched on contentedly from his pushchair.

We have strimmed some more of the paths and we have dug some more of the beds, finally the plot is starting to regain a sense of shape. I have hope that we will be well ahead for the spring because of all the autumn digging we intend to do. The plans for next year seem so possible now if this ambience lasts into further visits.

I also had a good chat with our neighbours and know which potato variety they found the best this year and what they plan to grow in 2009.Such a satisfying day, pinch me for I may be dreaming.