Monday, 23 January 2012

Year of the dragon

It is funny what you notice and how you can apply significance to it afterwards. A week or so ago I did some messy painting with the boys. Trying to get Huw over his phobia of putting marks on paper and to stimulate Owen into being more creative with his. We tried blowing runny paint with straws. The one I did reminded me of a dragon shape, once it was dry I drew the features on it with a pen. Then I realised that this year was the year of the dragon so I decided to post it for fun today. I wonder what the year will bring prosperity hopefully, as I think that is what the year of the water dragon is supposed to herald.

Being welsh I do like dragons anyway.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Echinacea art work

I have had a little bit of a theme going on since before Christmas. It has been about these echinacea type of plants. Back in February I did a great workshop on reduction linocuts but had not really put the ideas into action on my own at home. I thought I would give it a go using this sort of echinacea flower. I still need to work on my registration but there you go a little more practice might help improve. My mum seemed to like the one I gave her.

I was doodling and messing about the other day and seemed to return to the theme again then I filled the doodle in with watercolour pencils. Anyway it got me thinking and the word embroidery was in my head. I have bought calico and thread and think that I might give embroidery echinacea a go. I am not sure if this is me loosing it a bit, it may only be a one minute wonder project we will have to see.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The first planting of the year

What could I be planting out at this time of year I hear you ask. Well to be frank in an attempt to be green we have planted out our Christmas tree in the hope of a bigger tree next year. Hopefully it won't break the allotment rules if we harvest it within the year.

My helper will grow too by next year, so I wonder which will be bigger in December.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year and a restart

I have made a bit of a new year resolution in the style of many previous years. However this time most of the things I have resolved to do are the things I already do. Sort of. I just want to do it with a bit more oomph.

I need to grab the gardening groove again.
I need to take even more photos.
I should do a bit of art work each week.
I should blog more.
I want to turn my random walks into fitness walks.

So here is my first blog of 2012, a good start to the resolve. Accompanied by some trial pictures with my new lensbaby today.

My word for the year is going to be 'organised' and I need to be to stop me getting so irritated with my progress.

Happy New Year.