Tuesday, 25 March 2014

wire birds

Sometimes you just see something that you know you need to try to do, around the end of last year I saw a magazine with a robin on it made of paper. On reading I realised that it had a wire body inside. I did not buy the magazine when I saw it. However it created such an itch in my head that I had to scratch it.  Then I couldn't find the magazine again the itch became irritating but I managed to track down an online edition for my phone.

I'm not sure that I like reading such magazines on the small screen of my phone but that is all I have got (avoiding tablets at the moment)

Having read the article I have not returned to read the instructions since. I then struggled with should I try to do a real or a more imaginary bird. So I gave in an decided to just go with the flow.

I made 2 linked balls of florist wire. I am not sure how sturdy they are, may be I should have packed the wire tighter. I then did two legs as per the instructions and twisted them into the body ball of wire.

Covering the bird with paper is very self explanatory. I used the pages of an particular shop's home catalogue with its good quality non shiny paper. It was the wings that I found unclear from the instructions so I just went my own way and I am reasonably pleased with the results. The question now is weather to put some beads as eyes or not. Not sure if I will make any more of these though we will have to see, the itch may have been scratched.