Sunday, 24 January 2010

feeding the birds

In the school gardening club one of our winter activities has been making bird feeders. We strung empty yogurt pots filled with lard and seeds up around the school grounds. It is not my favourite activity as lard and my vegi tendency are not a good mix. I get stuck in but the grease, the smell, its a general yuck for me!

Feeding birds is a big activity in garden at this time of the year and I tend to buy my bird feed. As I am not up to mixing yucky stuff at home. The poor birds are also aware of my slightly sporadic attempts to keep them fed. I'm best at keeping the window feeder topped up. My mum tells the tale that the birds in her garden actually line up waiting for her to fill the feeders at about 7am each day, needless to say she gets a lot of visitors.

For the last few weeks I have tried to be better at keeping them fed, especially as next weekend is the RSPB big garden birdwatch. We loved counting the birds last year and want to do it again this year. So I have set about ensuring that we do at least get a couple of visitors to count. My feeders are full for the moment.

Monday, 18 January 2010

seedy sunday

This was my haul from this years seedy Sunday event I was very restrained. Now just to put the date in my diary for next year!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nothing can be done

All that can be done for the allotment at the moment is to pay the rent for the year. Snow is all around.

I have plenty that I should be doing, such as tidying & sorting both the allotment and garden. I need to be able to keep sensation in my fingers and toes to do that.

As you can see forgotten grow bags look so sad in the snow but they will have to stay there for now.