Sunday, 15 April 2012


Well can you spot the difference between these to pictures? The first was taken on Thursday the day when I went to assess the plot and kick my butt into gear, so to speak. I've been on the brink of just hanging on in there at the allotment. I have been entertaining the idea very occasionally of  giving up. I think some observers thought that I had.

On Thursday, I had a hand delivered letter from the allotment association about the rent I thought it was a letter about lack of cultivation at the plot and on Friday breathed a little sigh of relief when I finally opened it. I took all day to get round to opening it. The kick in the teeth was on Saturday I received the dreaded letter in the post (they must have forgotten to hand deliver it with the other letter!). Sometimes you just know what is coming your way.

Anyway back to Thursday my raised bed was a little out of position as if someone had tried to lift it up. I adjusted it back into place. I thought it was a little odd and thought I would keep an eye on it.

As you can see from the second picture when I got there today someone had taken them away along with my rake that I can't fit into the storage box. I can't tell you how cross I am. I actually cried at the plot and thought that is it I will just stop.

However, I have planted out some broad beans and dug at the plot today. I may have a chance of using a rotavator and clawing back at things. This means I am holding on in for the moment. I have contacted the police and have a crime report number.

I don't feel happy. I wonder who did this and if they realised how they would make me feel. Is it hard not to wonder if it is a stranger or someone from the site.