Saturday, 25 December 2010

Nadolig Llawen

It is here the much anticipated day. No allotment parsnips as frozen solid in the ground. I did brave the snow to reach my Brussels at the allotment, but they are a little damaged by the weather. Never mind there is always next year.

Merry Xmas everybody enjoy the festivities.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Increased costs and less service

I know that it is the theme of the moment with all the cut backs etc. I just didn't expect to be experiencing this trend with regard to my allotment.

Firstly there is the increased costs, imagine my surprise when we got the free paper this week. Right on the front page was this article. It does seem like a huge increase but I have paid £10 a year up until now, and I think that £52 isn't too bad. as long as it doesn't keep on increasing at this rate each year.

Secondly, my digging service has been greatly reduced, it has always been sporadic, but now it is unlikely to be any good for the foreseeable future. Somebody managed to get himself some unexpected surgery and digging is banned for a bit.

Might need to have a new year digging party at the lotty and twist a few of the invitees arms.

Things are well behind at the plot for me as the cold snap has put a end to some of my allocated lotty time. Roll on new year hopefully things will be better then