Sunday, 2 September 2012

Neglect is the word

I never meant for it to happen, but this year it has, my plot has fallen into complete neglect. When you are pressed for time and the only gaps you get are total washouts not a lot will get done. With such a wet summer it is always going to be a bit of a hard battle to get on top of the work at the plot. I was so disheartened with the thefts too it has been hard to get motivated since. The lack of car also made it hard for a chunk of this year too. These are not excuses but just how it has been. I have had those letters that all allotment folk dread.
I considered packing it in.

This weekend I have really cracked on at the plot. I have cleared a small patch and put some spring cabbage in. Made another small patch cleared (above) to make a replacement strawberry raised bed. The strimmer has been out too. I hope it is enough for them to see that we are trying. Also I enjoyed being there with just my thoughts again so calming. When the boys were there helping it was fun again we found hundreds of grasshoppers and a lizard.

It felt like it used to.

I often find the autumn better than new year for resolving to do things or starting projects. We have lots of change coming up so it is going to be an exciting time. I feel like cracking on with things and trying out new ideas. Bring it on.