Monday, 16 May 2011


I have a bit of a problem. My storage box at the allotment is now padlocked shut. How can I be such an idiot?

This is how it goes, for more than two years I had a lock with a key. The lock recently started to get very stiff and I was scared that I would not be able to unlock it. So I took the lock off. Then I visited the allotment after the bank holiday to notice that a window I had been saving for a cold frame had been taken. I was pretty certain that somebody had also opened the storage box, nothing was missing but I was a little unsettled.

I went out and bought a new combination lock, set it, put it on, opened it a couple of test times all is well. I visited the lotty on Sunday no problems. Locked it back up and had a little struggle with the lock but all seemed well. Entered the code today which I could happily tell you now for all the good it is, and nothing happened.

I think when I struggled with the lock I accidently must have reset the combination and now I have no idea what it is. Hacksaw time I think.

Oh and my picture of a lock is beautifully saturated with rain something I am worried that I will never see again.