Sunday, 23 January 2011

It was that sunday again

Seedy Sunday is one of those things that is becoming a fixture on my January calendar. I often carefully engineer a reason to go to Cambridge and stop off at Trumpington for the seed swap. This time it seemed so busy, it is definitely getting bigger every year.
So what did I swap for? I only took some sunflower seeds for the boys to grow and some blue climbing beans. Both of which looked like they had been saved by someone.

I also donated a small amount of money to the Heritage Seed Library for some 'Majorcan' pea bean seeds, and some 'white serpent' squash.

I didn't just get seeds from the visit but surprisingly for a seed swap I got a plant. I left clutching a Jostaberry, I think it will make a good addition for the allotment.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Parsnips and plans

Well the sun shone today and I made my first trip of the year to the allotment. I was decked out in my new wellies a little pre-Christmas treat to myself after my last pair sprung a leak. Perhaps 2011 will be more allotment chic than last year.

I did some digging and some tidying and had a good think about how I wanted the growing year to be. I harvested some parsnips, my first, I wanted them for Christmas but they were frozen solid. We ate them this evening and they can only be described as totally lush.

In the sunshine as I commenced working I felt again that feeling the one which reminds me why I have and love the allotment. The smell of fresh air and damp earth. The peacefulness and the possibilities. I hope to keep this liberated feeling and not fall under the chore thumb. Or the heavy hand of the allotment police.

I now have a huge task list from my little look around. I will need to put it in an order and allocate some tasks to someone although the dreaded digging will have to be avoided for him.

I also feel I might spend a little money down at the patch this spring too. Plans way hey.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Avoiding the new

Its the New Year.So I should be pushing ahead, forging the shape of the new year. Everyone else seems to be urging others to take part in new projects make their resolutions.

I can't seem to get into the swing of it. I might do some new projects but I will start them later in the year I think.

As for the allotment I can only resolve to have a better year than last. I will work harder at it. I will get some manure down soon. Fingers crossed that Sunday is a little drier and even a little warmer then I can make a start with a full assessment of the plot and one long to do list.

At home I will get the two small raised beds made and up and running for lettuce etc.

I also should resolve to not start my seeds off so early with over excitement at the first signs of spring.

I couldn't boil things down to a word theme for the year, but came up with these two words to focus my year "space and place" I'm hoping that by thinking about these things I will get some order to 2011.

Happy New year everybody. x.