Sunday, 23 October 2011

Half term hopes

The weekend has passed in a flash, it is the weekend at the start of half term. My son has plans for his week, I suspect he wants to mooch in the park without me or flop in front of a wallpaper of cartoon network. He has a distinct lack of years to be a pre-teen but he is forging a moody sort of Independence already. For once I am off work and accompanying him for the week in its entirety. Although there is a day he will be doing football.

I have plans for my leave and some good activities up my sleeve. I'm expecting quality time.

He will have to join in to some extent. At the end of this week I want to have something to show for it, a cleaner more sorted house, some art work/photography completed, the allotment a little bit more spruced up and some good memories of fun. Hope to catch up with some old friends too, if not in person.

Might even carve a pumpkin in preparation for Halloween.

We are booked to do some Cambridge festival of ideas events. So hopefully when I review the week there will be lots to tell.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Snatched time

I really shouldn't be doing things this way but as ever the limited time of a weekend is significantly squeezed. It is not as if I want it to be this way I have to be and that is that. I'm lucky as I will shoe horn in some things I want to do over the next couple of weeks but that will rob me of gardening time I am sure. This weekend I visited the allotment and that was great but tinged with a little dissatisfaction. Taking a four year old so that John would get space to fix a light switch and put up a curtain rail was less appealing. You know you are not going to get much done before you started. Ho Hum.

Each week I think I might go down there after the school pick up one evening it is a bit of a pipe dream I fear.

At the allotment I realise that I have definitely grown the smallest squashes in the world. Then turban one was a reasonable size and that was the only one that made the grade. It's shape and strong colours are fantastic I can feel a little photography and even drawing coming on, if I get time. Oops I'm pushing the theme here.

Still I cleared the tomato plants and the recent warmth has rushed the fruit from green to red, so I had loads more tomatoes than I had banked upon. I have turned them into passata this evening. So this weeks menu might be tomato soup, meatballs with spag the rest can go in the freezer.

I did buy my little helper some chocolate on the way home, not for his help of course, but for his upbeat and positive attitude about going to the allotment. He was also amazed to see what happened to the tomatoes.

Sorry about the pics only the mobile to hand today.