Monday, 18 October 2010

As the growing season ends

I am currently being out witted by weeds. There invasion is relentless suffocating my late crops of spinach and chard.

I planted a late crop of peas. I selected a variety called blauwschokker which are meant to be tall and highly productive. They have beautiful dark purple pods and brilliant flowers that look good enough to cut and put into a vase.

Looking at them at the at the allotment they are definitely tall, taller than I anticipated. the row looks slumped upon the pea sticks I had prepared for them. They are in bloom and a handful of pods have started to form. I fear though they are just a couple of weeks to late for a harvest. The cold nights predicted for this week will probably put an end to anything bountiful but at least they are currently beautiful.

(PS excuse the picture it is from my mobile phone)