Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bonfire weekend

I really did plan to burn that heap of garden rubbish down at the plot. I thought that it would be the one time of year when no one would complain about a bonfire. I thought that it would be fun for Owen and I to have the fire around dusk on Friday afternoon after school. I wouldn't want to be down there too late as there is no lighting it might be dangerous walking back across the site.

Everything was put on hold by the rain. That heap is not even dry enough today.

I think I knew it wouldn't be the bonfire evening I planned as my search for medium oatmeal to make parkin had failed, so baking was off. Still we did see great fireworks on the Thursday night which was a lovely unseasonably warm dry November night.

I finally crawled to the allotment today, I have cleared a large enough patch to sow the broad beans next week and plant the winter onions that I still haven't remembered to sort yet. Its not too late for the onions is it?

One good job I did manage to to do was take down the bean poles, and I'm drying out these to save the seeds. Perhaps next week I'll get to light the bonfire.