Saturday, 9 February 2013

Gift horse

There is a lot of talk about horses at the moment. I have to say I am so fed up of the poor food production standards I really don't believe that there is enough control in factories currently. I had a vege ready meal recently with a hard piece of something in it, I was told by the company that it was tested and is 'mineral clippings', frankly it had the shape and size of a mouse vertebrae. I drew my own conclusions. 

However I digress the gift horse that I have received that I dare not even look in its direction is one of clearance of the wild patch on the allotment. I have no chainsaw abilities but someone has done it!

I had done some digging in January and received for my industry a dirty allotment letter the first of the year I think. So I diligently went to the allotment today to put some work in so that I can plant some broad beans soon. When I arrived at the plot I was completely bemused. My two darlek compost bins were no where to be seen and it did not look like my patch. There was a large bonfire ready to  go on the one half of the plot composed of ivy and tree trunk etc. The ivy and tree trunk that used to embellish to the edge of the plot.

I panicked, does my plot have new efficient owners. I have paid my rent (for the year). It is my neighbours that have given up. I have not been evicted as far as I am aware. My tool store is still there. I am now confused, so use my phone to call the chair of the allotment association. He seem a little bewildered too, I state my position, he tells me my darleks are safe. He knows where they are and he has put them there for safety. That he thought that the plot was vacant and the council had told them to remove the tree bit. I informed him how pleased I was and that I hadn't expected that to be done for me. I can tell that he might not be too happy to realise that I am still about and intending to cultivate my plot this year.

However he says he will be burning the bonfire tomorrow. I cheerfully say that I will pop down to speak to him in the morning in person and reclaim my darleks.. I am secretly dancing inside that bit of the plot could now be controlled with a bit of luck. I am dreading tomorrow as I suspect there has been some awful confusion with the council and the plots and who has left but that is not my fault. I hope that they haven't got some one lined up someone for my plot or that they are going to to reallocate some of my plot to the neighbours one which is vacant. So keep your fingers crossed for me. I am hoping it is a wonderful gift horse, and I am off to ensure that I have lottery tickets as my luck seems to be in.