Sunday, 21 August 2011


I think that I might be about to develop a new little obsession. I knew it was coming as the 'seeds' of it were sown in the spring when I visited Bridge end gardens in Saffron Walden and my eyes fell on this terracotta display. The sun was too bright to get any good photos, but I wanted to try again on another day as they were such little bright pots of joy. Then that idea got lost in the waves of life's busy bustle.

I felt it rekindle when I visited the Fitzwilliam Museum a few weeks back and I saw a small exhibition of flower drawings 'Redoute and his pupils'. The one that really sung out at me was a much larger than life picture of Auricula in an earthenware pot by Pancrace Bessa. I would like to photograph those I thought again.

This weekend we went away camping and stayed at Sandringham amongst the trees. We walked with the boys around the country park but did not venture into the really royal bits of the gardens and look at the house. I don't think the boys would tolerate it after the walk we had made they do. However I couldn't resist sticking my nose in the plant shop. Huh. I thought this looks like a lot of stuff that you can get in a garden centre. Then I noticed the boring looking green thing that was very specifically named by variety and I knew I was looking at a Auricula. I knew that I could only buy and transport one so I made a choice and it is now at home with me. It is 'Piers Telford orange and brown'.

If I don't kill it I am going to photograph it when it flowers next year. I might need to check out some care instructions to help with this. If they are fun and not too difficult to grow then I am likely to add to my modest collection of one.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

short sweetcorn

Every year we grow sweetcorn. We have never managed the success of our first year. They are not even a foot tall and they are already flowering at the top. It is probably because they have been too dry see those crispy leaves above. The weeds are lapping at their roots, I planted squash to spread beneath the sweetcorn and suppress the weeds but their growth hasn't been too vigorous either. Never mind there is always next year. Its that phase of the gardening year now the regretful one if only I could have got down their and watered more often......dream.