Monday, 18 May 2015

It was a weekend of cows

I had a very short weekend this weekend as I had to work an extra day, but I really decided I really wanted to make the most of the time I had free. In an unusual twist cows featured widely. Friday night was a bit of an unknown quantity, I decided to go along to drink and draw at the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge. They were open as part of the museums at night events. For some reason I decided to draw from the girl with doves and a cast of the cows from the pantheon whilst I was there. Possibly, because it was situated in a quite corner but with some lovely window light. The glass of white wine was more than passable as freebie. Although I new nobody there and did not get to strike up any conversations I had a lovely time immersed in drawing.

I took this image on my phone of both my drawing work and drink and the plaster cast subject I was drawing. I love how this blending app on the i-phone allows you to make a very good double exposure image.

When I was on my way to the museum I noticed that the young cows and bulls were out grazing amongst the cow parsley on the Llamas land near the Cam I knew I wanted to go back and have a go at photographing them.Sunday evening I got my chance and although the light was a little against me I enjoyed myself I might have to return in the next few days just to get the image I was after. I learn't loads but I was a little fearful of the beasts knocking me over while I was crouching down and photographing.

This week is busy, tomorrow I am running the Royston Photowalk as part of Voluntary Arts Week. 


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Just catching up with myself at the start of the year

Enjoyed baking these today, chocolate orange cupcakes, the boys have been anticipating these for a couple of weeks and I finally found time to make them.

The new year started and cranked up to full speed before I had chance to breathe. I had considered posting my plans for the year and the resolutions I hoped to to achieve but I haven't even planned thought them through yet. My word for the year is try,  just because I need to try to do some things a little differently and take opportunities that come along. It is so easy to say no I can't do that. Hopefully this is going to be fun.

I also want to try to blog more but like other years that might not happen any differently.

Today, I decluttered my seed stash and went to seedy Sunday. I did not swap my seeds as I want to keep the sowing plans fairly simple. I was not as resilient to temptation as I thought I could be. I have planned not to grow tomato plants this year from seed, however I have bought some Thomas Etty brandywine black tomato seeds. So easily tempted I am sometimes!

Have any of you tried using these?

I am thinking of growing herbs in them possibly on the garage wall might be nice to be able to step out of the kitchen and grab some herbs to bung in the meals.

Also had my first visit of the year to the plot this weekend a quick but productive burst of time, its good to be back at the plot.