Sunday, 19 May 2013


OK, I haven't been to the plot since before the last bank holiday. So the weeds have sprung into action they are now capable of swishing around my armpits.

I managed to get some help from OH to strim with the petrol strimmer the one I have trouble with. Interestingly he has splurged some of his cash on a rechargeable strimmer which he feels I might be able to use more easily. Is he trying to get out of doing the strimming long term I ask myself. Still never look a gift horse and all that.
The other gift horse is that my bonfire (nearly as tall as me) has disappeared from the plot no sign of it being burnt. So a bit of a mystery and I am not complaining.

This week the boys and I are going to make a scarecrow for the allotment association competition. It is the open day at the end of the week and I hope to spruce the plot a little bit too.

My peas have begun to grow and I sowed the next succession of seeds today looking forward to eating some peas soon.

After three hours at the plot today I broke off to go to Pryors Woods in Stevenage to catch the bluebells before they disappear. There was an extensive carpet of them, so beautiful.