Sunday, 1 July 2012

Not the best year

It takes me to get to the first of July to decide that I am throwing the towel in on this growing year. Theft and endless rain have demoralised me.

At best the 2012 growing efforts have been this hedgehog from a well known fast food establishment, and that was grown by Huw.

My two tomato plants in pots have been lashed by the wind that there stems are twisted like a corkscrew willow.

I have waist high weeds at the allotment, I have decided that I will try to prepare the beds for next year now. I hope to start again in 2013. So I'm commencing  very early autumn digging . Somebody just needs to assist me with the strimmer. I have been waiting over a week for him to buy the petrol, going to need to get my nagging started.

I wonder if I can get to a flower show to restart my passion and greenfingers.