Wednesday, 28 April 2010

just waiting

At a time when every one is cracking on with activity down at the allotment I have found myself very short of time. I have snatched very quick visits to the patch and just some little jobs have been completed. The weeds are overtaking springing from no where. I might be completely over run by the weedy enemy soon. You would need a very careful and keen eye to see the subtle changes I have made to the patch.

Hence I think I know what will becoming next, I'm just waiting for one of those little letters.

Just look closely when you do the inspections you judges of cultivation, notice that I have put the spuds in this week and risked planting out some of the beans. Think back to what my plot looked like last year, it is better this year, but will you be able to see it?

The chance to strim the paths and burn the bonfire, would make such a difference fingers crossed I will get to do it soon.

Friday, 16 April 2010


Wish I was as leggy as some of my plants, I'd be over six foot tall.

This is the trouble with planting seeds too early and neglecting them slightly as they gallop away on the window sill. These squash plants should have been potted on before we went away for a few days, I returned to some very droopy and unhappy plants. Still I moved them on into bigger pots and out into the grow house. I planted them deeper into the soil hoping that like tomato plants they will develop more supportive roots from the base of the stems. They will need more support because they are so leggy. Hope they don't snap in the wind.

In the picture is my new found potting tray I didn't think it was going to be as useful as it is, I use it often on the table indoors it reduces the mess and means I can get on with things whenever I need to. A portable potting table.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

If ever your in wales....

I visit St Fagans many times through out the year when I pop back home to Wales. There are lots of things to see there, so each visit can be different. I never feel the need to spend all day there to get my monies worth as it is free, just need to pay about £3 for parking. That is value for money.

At the beginning of this week I went for a visit, we had lovely warm spring sunshine. We headed up towards the castle (its more of a house so little boys my have different expectations from the day) and its formal gardens first. It looks so different in each of the seasons. The late spring blooming means that wood anemones and daffodils carpet the ground, the trees are cracking into bloom and catkins are all fluffy. It is truly beautiful.

The magnolia tree is one of the biggest I've seen.

The kids ran around exploring the gardens, the grandparents soaked up the soft sun and us the parents felt relaxed. I love spring

Monday, 5 April 2010

Thank you, purple podded peas

Last week I was a lucky winner. After making a comment on purple podded peas, my name was chosen by a living version of ERNIE - a chicken. No ordinary chicken but one of Celia's under gardeners who perform many tasks in the garden as well as the selection of winners. You can see the selection process here.

It was so exciting when the package arrived. It contained some beautiful cards with pictures of heritage vegetables, some hen hanging decorations with bells, a 'flower loomed' flower on a gift card and some seeds.

The seeds include some purple podded peas. I will be sowing them straight away.

I'm thinking of hanging a hen over my desk at work, it will be a motivator to not linger too long at work but leave on time and get out into the garden. I'm also about to look at e-bay for a flower loom as I want to transport myself back to my eight year old creative self, as I had so forgotten this until Celia's recent post.

Celia is so kind, as there wasn't just this bundle of goodies but a little note which gave the location of where Celia and Cliff often spot lots of hares when on their walks. I'll be planning a trip over in that direction soon I think.

Thank you.