Sunday, 26 June 2011

Just a quick update

It was commented to me in person this week that I hadn't blogged for a while.

It makes me think about why. I have not really felt that I had much to say, or perhaps it is that things have been moving on so quickly I have let blogging about it pass me by.

I do have lots to say in that the lotty is the best it has looked in ages.(no letter yet!) That is until this last couple of weeks when the drought stopped and the weeds got a drink and went wild. I think a week of endless weeding and a strimming session will get us back on track. I only have a few more things to put out fennel and celeriac. I also plan to sow some last min crops of peas and soya beans and squeeze some rocket in some where I think.

I'm starting to imagine eating my produce already as things are growing reasonably well. But I know where that has got me before, there is still the chance of disaster yet. My spinach has gone to seed overnight, but I'll just plant another row.

We have had a bumper crop of great strawberries that I picked last monday and there are more coming so I feel it is possibly jam time. Last tuesday was my favourite session at gardening club, we harvested the potatoes from the bags. Its my third year of this session and the look on the kids faces are just priceless even the ones that have seen it before.Rudolf was a surprise with its red skins for some of them. My spuds at the lotty have just flowered I can't wait to see what is hiding beneath after their frost damage earlier in the spring.

I've been busy with the boys, football tournaments, photography things and a bit of art 'me' time as well as all the usual work and home things. It doesn't look like it is going to let up any time soon, but maybe I can squeeze a post in more regularly. Excuse the mobile phone shots again, but this wasn't a planned post.