Sunday, 7 December 2008

Jedi Garlic

For the last couple of weeks allotment care has amounted to passing it once on the train (the day my car broke down). As I glanced from the window down to the patch things looked pretty much in the same sorry state as when I last visited in person. My sense of guilt at not having done more to the patch by now could possibly be felt in the whole carriage. My sense of wanting to be there rather than on the train was overwhelming.

Weekend weather and family activities mean a rapid allotment visit has to be slotted in where we can.Today was cold but sunny so after the visit to the town's Christmas carnival we arrived at the allotment about 1:30pm. The ground was still frozen in most places on the patch. Up until now I hadn't considered how little sun our end of the site gets at this time of year. As the sun is low we are thrown into the shade from a few trees and the nearby houses.

So frozen ground makes me think should I really be putting garlic out, oh why didn't I get it done weeks ago, but one thing I know it won't grow on my window sill. Owen helped me plant out the cloves once we ad hacked at the frozen ground. For some reason (well star wars is the sort of thing little boys think about far too much) Owen said its "jedi garlic". I certainly think it needs to be jedi garlic if it is going to survive what we have asked of it.

We did pull some lovely leeks as well which are now part of a tasty soup, yum.

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