Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Filling those gaps

That time has come where it is time to find things to sow which will fill the gaps where things have failed on the allotment. This year I have been a little wiser about my sowing for example not direct - as this only makes a banquet of young leaves for the slugs to eat. I know the seed packets say sow direct but I need to keep a beady eye on them and I am making use of the space in the grow house. So I have a tray of Romaine lettuce which has just germinated. Tonight I've sown pak choi and fennel.

Roll on making those spaces work.


Jo said...

It's my first year on my allotment, and to be honest I'm a little scared of sowing direct. I've sown most of my seeds at home and then transplanted them once they are large enough, with the exception of carrots and beetroot.

Caroline Hancox said...

you are so green fingered! Thanks for your message on my blog and for going to see the exhibition, I really appreciate the support, so thank you.

As for feedback, we have had some from our tutors, I was told i got an (unconfirmed) distinction so fingers crossed that is true!

I read a while ago on your blog that you have an exhibition coming up when is it? i'd love to go and see yours

Caroline x