Sunday, 10 January 2010

Nothing can be done

All that can be done for the allotment at the moment is to pay the rent for the year. Snow is all around.

I have plenty that I should be doing, such as tidying & sorting both the allotment and garden. I need to be able to keep sensation in my fingers and toes to do that.

As you can see forgotten grow bags look so sad in the snow but they will have to stay there for now.


Anna said...

I know the feeling. Have not seen my lottie for days:(
Still much fun to be had making plans!

Jo said...

I'm making lots of plans whilst I'm unable to get on the plot. Oh, and spending lots of money on things I see in the seed catalogues.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

I'm making long lists of seeds for the kitchen garden - although I suspect I will (as usual) end up with more than I could ever possibly hope to grow

mangocheeks said...

Happy Nw Year to you.

I completely empathise with you.

I have been feeling that I have been neglecting my plot, but the truth is - with weather like this, I can't do anything yet. Nothing stopping me flicking through the seed catalogue though.