Sunday, 19 September 2010

Questions and Lists

I paid the allotment association fees today. Whilst I was in the hut I asked a question that I had not fully expected to come tipping out of my mouth. How easy is it to down size to a half plot? As I heard the words I was already asking myself - why are you saying this.

Much to my surprise they said it could be done but then spent most of the time talking me out of the idea. These are the guys that watch my efforts at the plot and when they do their inspections, they send me untidy allotment letters. Their tune was so much more supportive than I expected.

I admit as I reflect now writing this post, I did manage to go most of the growing season without a letter. So that is an improvement on last year.

Inevitably that means I have drawn up another to do list and top of that list is to sort out the strawberry runners, I hope to do it in an evening this week ever ambitious me!
I hope that means my mojo is back.

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Lou @ Little Green Shed said...

Hi, I find that my allotment love comes in fits and starts, and this time of year I am fully over it. I have a list of jobs to do too, but unless I find time at the weekend, these arent going to get done during the week! Ho, hum, it's only weeds. lou x