Monday, 11 April 2011

When madness takes hold

Occasionally I find my self in crazy scrapes of my own making. I picked Owen up from football and without consideration for what was in the car (car seats, toddler bike, stroller and camera tripod at a glance, oh and now two just purchased bags of groceries). I decided to just pop in to Wickes next door from the supermarket and buy that wheelbarrow I've had my eye on. When I looked at it a week or so ago I thought there would be no problem getting it home. Now that the wheelbarrow was along side my car I was not sure. Owen had a look of concern. Even he could see my ancient clio dustbin might not be up to this.

I made an attempt to get it in and panic began to rise. No go!

I thought I'm going to have to make a phone call and he is going to kill me, I can't do that. By now the eyes that were watching me from halfords forced me to make a very special move just for the CCTV. Yes, I sent Owen scuttling over to a quiet it of the car park with the wheelbarrow, then moved the car.

After 10 minutes of unobserved cursing and jiggling I got it in the car over the back seats, yes it is a two door car, and with our seats slightly more forward than normal we drove home.

Thankfully, I did manage to get it out again and it is sitting in my garden. Just remind me to think about my garden purchases a little more before I purchase them in the future. Oh and my new mantra is "my car is not a van".

(sorry for the mobile phone pics but that was all I could manage)


Magic Cochin said...

This made me laugh! I bet it features in "What I did in the holidays" by Owen ;-)

My new motor morphs into a van! - on Sat we got two tables, a chair, 4 full bin bags, 2 pot plants, a brief case, 5 cutlery boxes, a plastic crate full of crockery and a 1960s record player in the back, plus me and the OH in the front - then I drove it all home from Eastbourne! (Don't ask why - it's a long story.) Result! Peugeot 207SW I love you!


Magic Cochin said...

... forgot to mention the Wilton carpet...

My car is a Tardis!


RHIANNON said...

I am begining to think I might buy your car!