Sunday, 23 October 2011

Half term hopes

The weekend has passed in a flash, it is the weekend at the start of half term. My son has plans for his week, I suspect he wants to mooch in the park without me or flop in front of a wallpaper of cartoon network. He has a distinct lack of years to be a pre-teen but he is forging a moody sort of Independence already. For once I am off work and accompanying him for the week in its entirety. Although there is a day he will be doing football.

I have plans for my leave and some good activities up my sleeve. I'm expecting quality time.

He will have to join in to some extent. At the end of this week I want to have something to show for it, a cleaner more sorted house, some art work/photography completed, the allotment a little bit more spruced up and some good memories of fun. Hope to catch up with some old friends too, if not in person.

Might even carve a pumpkin in preparation for Halloween.

We are booked to do some Cambridge festival of ideas events. So hopefully when I review the week there will be lots to tell.

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Jo said...

Hope you're enjoying your week off. My two are both teenagers and are needing me less and less as they get older, they tend to make their own plans nowadays.