Sunday, 8 January 2012

Echinacea art work

I have had a little bit of a theme going on since before Christmas. It has been about these echinacea type of plants. Back in February I did a great workshop on reduction linocuts but had not really put the ideas into action on my own at home. I thought I would give it a go using this sort of echinacea flower. I still need to work on my registration but there you go a little more practice might help improve. My mum seemed to like the one I gave her.

I was doodling and messing about the other day and seemed to return to the theme again then I filled the doodle in with watercolour pencils. Anyway it got me thinking and the word embroidery was in my head. I have bought calico and thread and think that I might give embroidery echinacea a go. I am not sure if this is me loosing it a bit, it may only be a one minute wonder project we will have to see.

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Rachael said...

Will be lovely - go for it!