Saturday, 21 September 2013

What do grasshoppers do over the winter?

I think about a lot of random things when I am pottering at the allotment. Today I realised that I didn't know what grasshoppers do over the winter, do they hibernate? I came home and found out. Sadly all the little fellas that hop out of my way as I pull up weeds and clear old plants will die. They rely on their eggs hatching next year to keep the population going.

I have been working very slowly and steadily at the plot to keep it in order. I hope the plot inspectors will notice my efforts. I have see crazy internet weather scares of snow in October and here I was, hoping for an Indian summer. What ever is thrown at us I am hoping to get some onions, garlic and broad beans in over the next month. I think I might be able to achieve this.

My gladioli plants have only just decided to flower but they do give a little end of summer cheer. I also think my wallflowers have germinated which will be great for next year as they are flame red.

I have planted some sativus crocus today I think they are the ones that produce saffron but will have to wait till next autumn to know.

As for the grasshopper photo I am quite pleased with it as was taken with my mobile phone just a few weeks ago. It is a bit of a sport now for me trying to capture insect photos on the phone. Ever since we did a bit of a butterfly hunt in the borders of the walled gardens at Wimpole Hall in the height of summer. I can recommend it, the kids got some great shots (not that they have their own mobile phones yet)

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