Monday, 18 May 2015

It was a weekend of cows

I had a very short weekend this weekend as I had to work an extra day, but I really decided I really wanted to make the most of the time I had free. In an unusual twist cows featured widely. Friday night was a bit of an unknown quantity, I decided to go along to drink and draw at the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge. They were open as part of the museums at night events. For some reason I decided to draw from the girl with doves and a cast of the cows from the pantheon whilst I was there. Possibly, because it was situated in a quite corner but with some lovely window light. The glass of white wine was more than passable as freebie. Although I new nobody there and did not get to strike up any conversations I had a lovely time immersed in drawing.

I took this image on my phone of both my drawing work and drink and the plaster cast subject I was drawing. I love how this blending app on the i-phone allows you to make a very good double exposure image.

When I was on my way to the museum I noticed that the young cows and bulls were out grazing amongst the cow parsley on the Llamas land near the Cam I knew I wanted to go back and have a go at photographing them.Sunday evening I got my chance and although the light was a little against me I enjoyed myself I might have to return in the next few days just to get the image I was after. I learn't loads but I was a little fearful of the beasts knocking me over while I was crouching down and photographing.

This week is busy, tomorrow I am running the Royston Photowalk as part of Voluntary Arts Week. 


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