Sunday, 6 July 2008


A little bit of funky art for a Sunday - perhaps not to everybody's taste but it killed a little time while it was raining this afternoon to take a couple of macro shots of the one and only beetroot. Yes my first non raspberry produce from the patch (not enough for Matron's trugblog I think). Some photoshop fun has been included.

We managed a family visit to the patch today the boys picked raspberries apart from the sleeping one. I planted out some celeriac seedlings who are on their second life as they were knocked off the windowsill when very small. John scooped them back into the pot and I held out little hope for them but they are quite strong now. They still have to meet the slugs! I planted them where the butternut squash were as there is now none of nine, hopefully the slugs are full in that vicinity. We all sowed carrot and Kale seed where the broad beans had been then the rain really set in and it was time to go.

We had a choice of doing open gardens or open studios this afternoon, we took the drier option, which might explain the picture.

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Ali said...

Hi Rhiannon - I love your photos. The arty ones especially. Sorry that your butternut squash isn't doing well. I have one growing (just the one plant) which I started from a seed which came from half a BNSquash that had been in the fridge for a week! I was amazed that it germinated at all, and now there is one fruit on it already!
Can you believe our council - just mowing our lawn means a trip down the dump these days!
Hope you have a good week.