Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Its funny but I remember when my mum was about my age now, her standing at the sink and saying that she had Annie's hands. Annie was my grandmother and her hands were well worked, and my mothers hands had become well worked too. In much the same way I look at my hands now and think about how much they are becoming like my mums, especially when I return from the allotment with that hint of earth look. It is my mum that has always grown things and has been mad about plants. At the times in my life when I have dipped into gardening be it flower containers right through to my allotment now mum is always there with young plants or seed gifts and advice. I feel that I am becoming more like her with a growing love of growing.
There is one way that I wish I wasn't becoming more like my mum and that is obvious when looking at my hand and arm this morning. After last night visit to the patch I had been bitten by two midges. My mum has really strong reactions to insect bites whereas I just get the usual itchy lumps that are fairly easy to get on with. However today my hand and arm are very puffy, itchy, painful and a little red. It is that irritated that picking up the baby is uncomfortable. I might have to knock on the head being on the patch after about 8:30 as the midges start looking for dinner then.

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