Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Patch Holiday

Yes you guessed it, we have been away. Its funny I missed going to the allotment, or what I really mean is trying to plan in a visit to the allotment. I also found it werid not to be able to dip into the cyber world. It was a good holiday near Cardigan. It was a week very reminiscent of my childhood holidays especially with regard to the weather. Although holiday with the boys is more a change than a rest. Owen did have the chance to become slightly feral running wild with his cousins. I didn't manage to visit the gardens near by, or any of the nurseries so I came home with nothing to plant or grow. I think I should introduce a holiday rule to my life - that I must return with some thing horticulturally related from any future holiday.

So last Sunday I had been back at home for about 24 hours, where I had been endlessly loading and unloading the washing machine with fear of more rain. I could not hold off any longer and shot down to the allotment alone, it may of only been for 45mins but it was pure bliss and totally peaceful. My most restful moment of the week!

I expected a glut of courgette/marrows to have sprung forward in the week away, instead the plant looked like it had been through a war and it only yielded one micro baby courgette.

The weeds had gone nuts again and I released my leeks from their grasp yet again. These leeks are becoming my prize leeks not because of any phenomenal size but just because they are not under attack from slugs and the only thing I have left really growing well. I did by some kale and cabbage plants at the open day and they seem to be currently holding their own so fingers crossed.

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