Thursday, 28 August 2008

Work perk

My little baby is about to start nursery and has been having some trial visits at the moment. His nursery is at John's work, which has very nice grounds and this is one of the reasons that I like the nursery. Owen when he was at the same nursery went on lots of long walks. I had time to kill whilst Huw got into the swing of things so Owen took me on one of his favorite walking routes yesterday. We spied some apple trees full of fruit and lots of windfalls on the grass.

I mentioned it to John in the evening, he said they had received an email around the site to say that the apples are ready to be picked and eaten if people wanted to help themselves.

We returned today for another nursery visit today and this time Owen and I went scrumping while we waited!

I had a bucket, and picked up all the rotting windfalls for composting or maybe making and preparing a bean trench. We also took a few apples from the trees to eat. We weren't greedy but I hope nobody saw us with the bucket and jumped to the wrong conclusions. Now how do I convince John to collect a bucketful of rotten apples in his lunchtimes?


kd said...

I have to ask "What's a bean trench?"


RHIANNON said...

I've never dug a bean trench before, but I think it is done at the begining of autumn and you layer organic matter in a trench you have dug, layering it with the earth you have dug out from it. It might form a little mound when done. Just leave to rot down over the winter, then its ready to plant your beans into it.
It means you need to know where you want to put your beans in for next year now, but it should improve your crop.