Tuesday, 2 September 2008

advantage of a small harvest

The freebie newspaper dropped through the door this week and I looked through it to find an article about the recent thefts down at the allotment site. I had seen signs up asking us to report any damage or theft from our plots. I had not realised that it was still continuing to be a problem. Its so sad that people would come in and steal from the plots, I would be absolutely livid to loose my produce that way. As I see it currently, the only advantage of having such a small poor harvest is that there is little to steal.

My plot is far away from the main gates, the back gate near us is rarely unlocked, so hopefully that cuts down on opportunistic thefts for me at least. If you had to pass some of the fruit and veg that I pass to get to the plot, veg which is beautifully plump and ripe and ready use, veg which taunts me with my innability to grow it - then I suspect you would not walk through to the ugly weedy area to do your poaching.

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