Saturday, 13 September 2008

Quick the sun's out

This afternoon we took advantage of the sunshine and headed to the patch. It's apparently the new year for gardeners according to the new guy on gardeners world. So I thought that I would resolve to make a good start to the year and do something today.

In fact, that is not the reason that I need to crack on and be organised about my cultivation. Time is short now as d-day arrived and I returned to work on Monday after a year of maternity leave. I'm shattered already. And I'm over whelmed by the amount of conversation that I have had to be part of this week after the strange quiet of being at home with a baby. Yes baby's are very noisy but its a noise that requires less concentration than complex conversation. Huw seems to be happy at nursery and after a full week there he seems to have developed loads in confidence and in his walking, lets hope it continues. I do miss him and I would prefer to spend my time at the allotment with him than at work if I had a choice, but who wouldn't? On Friday the week ended on a high with Huw's birthday, I even managed to cook a carrot cake to celebrate.

Huw almost at one point today seemed happy with the familiarity of being taken to the allotment today. However this did not last and wailing was a large feature of the time we were there.

One of the main things achieved at the plot today had to be John putting together the pallets I got ages ago (through freecycle) I now have a fantastic compost bin. Thank you.

I started clearing ground and digging an area of he patch over - there's loads to do!

The plan for this week if I get down to the plot after work (highly ambitious I think!) is:
  • cut back the first bed of raspberries
  • dig the area where the gladioli are
  • cut down the nettles for compost
  • weed around the leeks (again)
A final shock is that Owen wants to join the school gardening club, this is a new club for this year run by his teacher. His teacher has a plot at our site and not too far from ours. His teacher was there working today, now what is the etiquette for this situation? Should we walk over and say hello? I think possibly not as the reasons for being their might be to escape from work etc and you wouldn't want to have to be sociable with one of the snotty urchins when you have relaxed enough to forget about them. Although I would like to have taken a look at teachers plot just to see if he will come back with some good tips from gardening club! Lets see if Owens enthusiasm lasts I'm not convinced it will.

In a mad moment I thought I'd offer to help with the club if she is inundated with interested children, but I've restrained myself from saying anything until my worklife is more settled - Mrs Be at carrots and kids might approve of me getting involved as she runs a great gardening club.

Finally, we also have livestock at green patch - can you see whats hiding in our weeds?

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Rosemary said...

looks like you are going to be very busy