Sunday, 1 February 2009

Wicked wind

We have had a bit of a topsy turvey weekend where our plans were put on hold. Which meant we had a little gap to visit the allotment and check what was happening. As we loaded the car I thought it unlikely the kids would last long, so did not really expect to get anything done.

At the site all was well, the storage box was secure and my recent ground cover was still in place. The plot was just screaming dig me, dig me now. Across the site the wind was strong and icy. It quickly chilled us all to our bones. My hands could no longer feel or do anything, not even take a picture with the camera. We left very rapidly.

I popped into the site shop to see if the potato orders were ready, there were loads of allotmenteers helping to sort the delivery into individual orders and they will be ready next week. I also wanted some other bits for the gardening club but was out of luck and did not want to interrupt the complex work.

On the way across the site I bumped into a new allotmenteer who is in the photography society I go to, so it will provide a good mix of things to discuss on the society evenings.

Good news is our 'jedi' garlic has some shoots, some cloves have been disturbed by animals. I popped to a garden center and got some modules and some mung beans to sprout. I thought the modules could be used to plant up some left over garlic cloves both at home, and in school. I thought sprouting seeds would be a good bad weather thing for the gardening club I hope the teacher agrees. She wasn't at her plot to ask.

I got home and planted some left over garlic cloves rather than wasting them (also cooked some fairy cakes as seen in the picture). Do you think I have a potting shed with an oven or a small multi functioning kitchen?

As I post the back garden has been dusted with what looks like white icing I doubt there will be gardening club on Tuesday if the forecast is correct

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