Sunday, 25 January 2009

The weather man says..

....its raining.

I'd planned to do a little allotment work today in the forecasted gap in the rain, but the gap has not appeared at all. Owen's weather house (a Christmas pressie from gran) has been much more precise than the BBC. I love weather houses when I was a girl I had a 1970's style orange one that I looked at every day with out fail, its a shame that it didn't survive into my adulthood as it would look very cool and retro now. Owen seems quite pleased with his and I catch him checking it regularly - perhaps one day the lady will come out.

As it was raining we all took part in the RSPB garden birdwatch today and counted for a hour through the patio windows. Owen was much more engaged in taking part than I thought he would be, Huw also made squawking sounds when he saw a blackbird. I wasn't hopeful that we would see much as we haven't got feeders in the tree this year. We actually saw a lot more birds than I thought we would and I'm now sure that a wren is living in the ivy on the back fence. I'll be submitting our results later this evening.

I bought a red gooseberry bush yesterday on a whim and the afternoons are getting lighter so maybe I'll get a quick visit in in the week to plant it. that is if Owen is willing to go after school.


sharp green pencil said...

Hi there from Val at pencil and leaf..just to say big thanks for your lovley comment!!..and if its any consolation its raining here too!! One good thing about being away from the blog is having more time to browse.. and I am so interested in your fab scarecrow post!! I wrote and illustrated a book on scarecrows some time ago now but all based on very real Linconshire ones.. am going to put some images on the blog soon although they are a bit old now. part of my blog break is also to look at designing some cards to hopefully sell.. but lounging about is proving far more attractive. Do drop me an email sometime, I too am into printmaking and miss East Anglia and my beloved fens.. I am stuck here at the moment ..long story!!

Eco Gites of Lenault said...

Hello - I had that exact same weather house when I was a girl - I remember the colourful beads which I always wanted to be sweets!! Hope you have ot some sunnier weather now.

Rosie x