Saturday, 8 August 2009


Today I felt stressed, it was stressed for no particular reason, looking back I think it was mainly about when I would manage to squeeze a visit to the plot in. We wanted a whole family visit. But when meals and other events loomed and then took precedence things were pushed back. Add the heat of the day making being there with the kids difficult then we put off our plans at several points today. We haven't been down there for a week because the rain has been against us, but intense sunshine can be just as bad for my redheaded brood.

My biggest fear was what will we find? Tomorrow is the allotments open day they might have fire bombed our plot to improve the look of the site. Also the recent rain might mean that the slugs have taken control.

In the end I went down on my own after tea with no major plans in mind. I planted some pinks along side the strawberry raised bed, and I just drunk in the relaxing atmosphere of a warm evening and golden low sun. The pinks were destined for a home garden project that hasn't fully materialised and if I left them in their pots then they would be doomed to death. A shame as I had grown them from seed. The smell of pinks take me back to childhood rapidly, strangely its a smell that I hated for so many years, but now I want to grow them for the first time ever. Weirdly I love their aroma.

We will be down there tomorrow armed with a strimmer and there is stuff to crop as well

But for me it was a perfect end to the day a great destresser and a it was a good day because I heard the voice of my aussie friend and avid green patch reader. I hope you and your new addition continue getting bigger and better like my pumpkins!


LittleGreenFingers said...

Perhaps we are destined to love the smells we once couldn't stand in the same way as we're all destined to become our mothers (except the men of course)...

And that's my somewhat depressing thought for the day!

Jo said...

Allotments are great de-stressers. Well, unless your allotment is like mine and full of weeds, in which case, you feel more stressed when there than you did before!