Sunday, 23 August 2009

The patch holiday neglect?

So you go away for a bit of summer fun in the Isle of Wight (highly recommended for a holiday) then you come back and a quick check at the patch reveals.

  • slugs have munched my lettuce
  • my pumpkin has doubled in size
  • lots of ripe red cherry tomatoes
  • a couple of kilos of courgettes
  • beans ready to pick on the tepee's
  • a rather dry and thirsty patch
  • knee high grass (again)
  • a sea of weeds
It may not look beautiful but it is bountiful, I left green patch with lots of produce. In return I have given it a well needed drink (nettle tea for my pumpkins). I think that the green patch has manged quite well without me.


Jo said...

My allotment was neglegted for a fortnight while we went on holiday too.
I came home to find cabbages which look like doilys after the slugs had been at them, and a courgette the size of a marrow. The weeds had been enjoying themselves left to their own devices though.

mrsglory said...

Those courgettes look lovely.
It's always a bit of a relief, I find, to return to a bit of an unkempt patch and not a complete jungle!


Magic Cochin said...

Our veg plot is a jungle of beans and weeds and blackberries! And sooooooo dry.

But we have sweetcorn and tomatoes and grapes and damsons - can't complain!

Your yellow courgettes and little cherry tomatoes look fantastic.