Monday, 28 September 2009

Compost change

Autumn jobs are usually hard work only broken up by harvesting various crops.

Where I think I have gone wrong in the previous two seasons is not to get on with the autumn digging. There are several areas that I want to dig before the ground freezes. Last weekend I dug over the areas where my potatoes had been. I want to put this area into immediate use for garlic and radar onions.

One of the jobs that I wanted to do immediately was move both my darlek compost bins. I have decided to move them to the spot where the nettles are on the edge of the really wild area. It makes sense as we will be using the patch more effectively. The problem with this is that one of them was really full. After tipping it over I got to see the quality of the compost. Initially I was a little disappointed. After clearing some of the unrotted debris I found dark rich compost. There was lots of it. I had the dilemma of what to do with it, as I have no wheelbarrow.

Thinking on my feet I have spread it out as a mulch on the area where the bins were as this area I want to make into a new bed as it gets sun for longer than some of the other areas. I sprinkled bran on the top just to give the slugs a surprise if they go for it as a warm winter hideout. I went back this evening and covered the area with some ground cover fabric.

I must now restart my chicken poo supply from the neighbour as I think this really made a difference to the speed and quality of the compost.


Rachael said...

Also you'll have a handy supply of nettles to add to your bins!

Jo said...

I've started digging over the plot too. I've got a huge pile of manure to add to the beds.