Friday, 2 October 2009

focus with the to do list

Often my progress can be a little random down at the patch. Do a bit of this, ooh look at that, fiddle, become distracted, go home remember what I should have done.

This approach is a complete nightmare when time is against you before you know it weeks have past and little has changed. So before I know it winter will have set in and even less gets done then and I always feel like I'm on the back foot playing catch up against nature.

Where I live was one of the driest places in the country during September and the patch is like a dust bowl at the moment. So digging is not easy but as I have previously said I need to fit in as much as possible in the Autumn so of course it suffices to say that digging is always on my to do list at the moment.

For this weekend the list looks like this:
  • plant young (spring) cabbage plants out
  • sow radar onions sets
  • plant garlic (from the Isle of Wight hope to post about this soon in more detail)
  • sow field beans as green manure
  • Sow crocuses (from Saffron Walden)
  • start Owens bulbs off in pot at home
Tonight is the allotment association AGM I have never been to one before and am not sure that I will go. The only reason I think I want to go is in case they discuss plot holder who are poor at cultivation - I suspect that I would fall into that category although I can't see it as an agenda item so I'm not sure I will need to defend my actions.

Evidence of my poor cultivation skills is definitely mounting, I grew from seed with love and attention summer purple sprouting broccoli, the plants have been good and strong. I was so hopeful. The moment the purple heads appeared the plants have immediately exploded into flower - as in the picture. Is this because September was so dry?

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