Sunday, 25 October 2009

A creative gap

I had been looking forward to yesterday for a long while - a day to myself. Funnily rather than fill it with shopping or pampering, something I threaten to do but when it comes down to it never want to do, I went on a workshop. As part of the Cambridge festival of Ideas I had a go at intaligo printing, all for free! I have never done this before and had no idea what to expect. At the end of the day I had etched and printed my first ever plate. I felt very relaxed and happy as I headed home.


Magic Cochin said...

What a beautiful sensitive etching. I can tell you enjoyed doing it - are you going to do more?

We saw an exhibition in in Denmark of work by photographer Kirsten Klein, she prints some of her photos as etchings - not quite sure of the exact technique but the results were stunning.


Deb said...

That is amazing! And what a wonderful way to spend some free time. You are very creative. Love that print.

Jo said...

This is a much better way to spend your free time rather than shopping or being pampered. Mind you, I bet you got the same feeling of being pampered after spending a day being creative. It turned out fab.