Sunday, 15 November 2009

Positive direction

I had the most wonderful feeling as I left the patch today. It almost leaped out of me and danced down the path in front of me. Green patch is starting to look like a proper allotment. Why the glee? Several areas are now dug. This is the most advanced I have been at this point in the year ever.

I have even built a little bonfire ready for when it is dry. Could be a celebratory fire or is that a little pagan.

Now just one more weekend where I can work on the patch before true winter sets in, plus a chance to get some broad beans into the ground. I'll definitely be satisfied. Then I'll be ready to retreat to the cosy planning of next year.


Rachael said...

Well done - how satisfying!

Jo said...

Well done. I wish I was as advanced with my preparations as you are.

Caroline Hancox said...

i think a celebratory fire would be perfect! as long as there is hot chocolate and cakes!