Tuesday, 15 December 2009

'tis the season

If you wander down to your patch at this time of year it is fair to say that you are most likely to be there on your own. Sunday in the last drops of remaining light we dug a little more for about half an hour. It does make a difference little and often. As the temperatures are dropping this week and there may be frozen ground on the way - I still feel optimistic.

A little job that I must do this weekend is to sort the grow house out if I can't get to the patch. Whatever I do I will have to shoehorn it in between all the Christmas preparations.


Jo said...

Well done on your dedication. I haven't managed to dig half of my allotment yet. Looks like I'll have a big job on my hands in spring.

RHIANNON said...

Thanks Jo I don't think the allotment association think that I am big on dedication! sadly, the couch grass will probably grow back quickly in the spring and that is a battle I need to get on top of or I will lose heart.

Garden tips said...

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