Sunday, 9 May 2010


Where do I begin, I'm not even strictly talking about the gardening me, overall I fear that I have lost my mojo at the moment. I blame it on election stalemate, cold weather and general irritations. Shockingly it means that I feel little like gardening or photography. Feel free to give me a little kick up the backside!
Something is not quite right I bought a 'women's' magazine (the first in about a year) it is still in the wrapper. What is going on!
I have a strong itch to make or create something but that means I have to leave the sofa in the evenings so I'm always thinking I'll do it tomorrow. I'll just plan it in my head for now.
Do you have any recipes for motivation?
I need to do some photography editing as I want to put a panel of images together for a club competition. All flower still life shots like above if I don't get a move on I'll miss the boat. Help!


Deb said...

Ah, have a ((hug)). When I've felt like that I've just taken a complete break. Took my foot off the pedal that was putting pressure on me and my mojo returned.

Usually it's gone missing for a reason (I've been upset or miserable) and sometimes if I can work out what that is and what to do about it it returns.

Blogging and gardening should be fun, not a chore.

PS. I think I've told you before but I *love* that pic!

Ali said...

Have a large G&T with ice & a slice, sit back, breathe, enjoy (not necessarily in that order) and order some more mojo on the internet - that should do it!!
Keep smiling.

Lou said...

Oh no not you as well! I have seemed to have lost mine as well. I blame it on the horribly cold weather, it cant seem to do anything apart from eat comfort food (not a good thing as still 'trying' to diet) and loll on the sofa.

Your photgraphs are stunning, wish I could take pics like yours... big hug, from over here in Bristol...

I have found a walk in the evening around my neighbourhood cheers me up... nosying in peoples front gardens ;0)

Antique ART Garden said...

It will return, you may want to make your type larger, very tiny to try to read . Good luck ! Gina