Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Under the influence of Alys

At the moment I am really enjoying watching the edible garden, Alys has a thrifty and loose style to what she does that is just so infectious. Each week I wish my urban garden was as beautiful and productive as hers has been in the show. Tonight she made a plea for planting more flowers in the garden and not just edible flowers. I think that next year I might have to plan some loose planting areas in my garden. This year I am still contemplating trying to put in some raised beds, but the expense is putting me off. For now I have planted my salad leaves in a wooden wine box in the style of Alys Fowler. The box has been lovingly coated with danish oil and planted up with some of my dig in seeds. Now lets see how long this cut and come again salad will feed me. My second wooden box will be sown with rocket when I get around to it, I might just chuck in a couple of nasturtiums for beauty.


Deb said...

Oooh lovely. I have an as yet unplanted wooden wine box but hadn't even thought of coating it with oil. Doh. Thanks for the tip!

Alys' garden is lovely isn't it. Makes me wish ours wasn't so flat.

Jo said...

I'm enjoying The Edible Garden too. I haven't watched last night's episode yet though. I grow my salad leaves in containers in the garden rather than at the allotment. The slugs don't find them as easily in containers, and they're always cleaner this way.

Lou said...

What a lovely looking box. Where did you source it? I am obsessed by Alys and the Edible garden... make nettle soup, check, grow pea shoots, check, grow loadsa flowers with veg, check... now where can I get the bell tent? hmmm maybe a step too far?