Sunday, 8 August 2010

Open day 2010

My experience of allotment open days has been mixed. I've had the shame of being fenced off with some other plot holders in my first year. To the fun of feeling part of the site and joining the activities last year. This year Owen wanted to enter the best scarecrow competition, the theme was superheros, our attempts were as your can see are very basic. Inevitably a last minute construction. I think he looks like a wrestler. There were only a few other scarecrows but they looked like hot competition, no expense spared on their outfits. I have no idea how the judging went but it was fun to do. I hope for Owens sake we get some feedback as his hope was high.

I bought some plants from the stall and bunged them straight in at the plot: a '9 star perennial', 'cavelo nero' and 'romanesco'

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Deb@CarrotsandKids said...

Love the scarecrow! You should've put a big VG on his chest for Veggie Man or something...

Am amazed though that you were "fenced off" in your first year. Did I read that right? You and your plot were excluded from the fun? All I can say is you must *really* love growing veggies to put up with **** like that!