Friday, 13 August 2010

When the weather is against you

What a week, I'm not working this week, supposed to be off on a sort of staycation with the kids. The rain has made that a little bit miserable, we were going to try and get a night away near the coast or something, but not now with this weather.

We have had a couple of dashes to the allotment picking courgettes and beans and that is it. I thought that we might do more. I have tried to clear the area in the garden for my raised beds (a little sale bargain) but the heaviest of today's showers have beaten me back indoors.

So in the quieter gaps this week I have pushed on with doing Gina's sketch book fun. I am really enjoying it as I have not drawn for yonks let alone put paint on to paper. I don't know where its going to take me and I don't care I am just going with it. Although I do feel a little nervous showing you all.

My linguine drawings

This year I have had a little thing going on with 'love in the mist' for me it grows weed like in my front garden so I have easy access. I have photographed it at all stages of growth (I may post more about that at another time). So now its very current for a drawing subject with its beautiful and abundant seed heads.

The bit that suprised me the most with how much I liked the effects was with tracing around parts of my sketches now I need to think what I can do with them.

Thank you Gina, I hope there is more experiments to come.

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Gina said...

These are beautiful Rhiannon. I'll link back to you next time I do a sketchbook post. For someone who hasn't done any drawing for a while these are very impressive!