Sunday, 9 January 2011

Parsnips and plans

Well the sun shone today and I made my first trip of the year to the allotment. I was decked out in my new wellies a little pre-Christmas treat to myself after my last pair sprung a leak. Perhaps 2011 will be more allotment chic than last year.

I did some digging and some tidying and had a good think about how I wanted the growing year to be. I harvested some parsnips, my first, I wanted them for Christmas but they were frozen solid. We ate them this evening and they can only be described as totally lush.

In the sunshine as I commenced working I felt again that feeling the one which reminds me why I have and love the allotment. The smell of fresh air and damp earth. The peacefulness and the possibilities. I hope to keep this liberated feeling and not fall under the chore thumb. Or the heavy hand of the allotment police.

I now have a huge task list from my little look around. I will need to put it in an order and allocate some tasks to someone although the dreaded digging will have to be avoided for him.

I also feel I might spend a little money down at the patch this spring too. Plans way hey.

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Damo said...

It's great to have plans for the New Year, best of luck!