Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Avoiding the new

Its the New Year.So I should be pushing ahead, forging the shape of the new year. Everyone else seems to be urging others to take part in new projects make their resolutions.

I can't seem to get into the swing of it. I might do some new projects but I will start them later in the year I think.

As for the allotment I can only resolve to have a better year than last. I will work harder at it. I will get some manure down soon. Fingers crossed that Sunday is a little drier and even a little warmer then I can make a start with a full assessment of the plot and one long to do list.

At home I will get the two small raised beds made and up and running for lettuce etc.

I also should resolve to not start my seeds off so early with over excitement at the first signs of spring.

I couldn't boil things down to a word theme for the year, but came up with these two words to focus my year "space and place" I'm hoping that by thinking about these things I will get some order to 2011.

Happy New year everybody. x.


Magic Cochin said...

Like the 'space and place' theme for the year.

Experience has told me to clear up and prepare the soil but not to be too hasty to sow...

Hope this year is a good one!

A Year In My Garden said...

Keep battling on - despite the price hike. I like your picture of the frosted seed heads.