Thursday, 24 July 2014


I have been watching in the hive on the bbc and I have to say I have learned loads about bees. I really enjoyed the filming of their flight and coming in to land.

So this week when I had 5 mins at Wimpole Hall amongst the border plants of the walled garden I tried to photograph bees. I was using a lensbaby so the image would have a very shallow depth of field and that is where the difficulty starts. It was breezy. The plants and bees rocked in and out of focus. I had lots of bits of bees on images. The bees themselves move fast as they go about their work. 

I like the image above due to the back lighting but it will not do as the wings are out of focus. It's proboscis (?!) seems to glow amber.

Frankly, my chance of a last minute entry into the country file calendar competition have been dashed.

I will however, try this again on a still day.

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